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Technology - Detailed Feature List

Academy123’s technology platform contains a comprehensive set of features that are important to our Education and E-commerce customers.

Authoring of Rich, Expressive, and...
Robust Content Management and...


Flexible Content Delivery
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Authoring of Rich, Expressive, and Efficient Content
Real time content authoring – Unlike traditional content authoring there is no costly pre- or post-production process, and minimal technical skills are required to create content.  Therefore, content can be created by subject matter experts, capturing their informed perspective, as apposed to creating content with expensive (and often detached) multimedia developers. 

Record voice and handwriting ink strokes Content Authors have the option of recording their voice, as well as the option of recording their handwriting ink strokes.  End-users experience the content as if the content author were speaking directly to them in front of a whiteboard.  The technology naturally supports any spoken or written language.

Rich tools and content templates – Multiple pen colors, highlighters, lassos, erasers, and templates allow for rich, expressive, and consistent content while keeping the authoring process simple. 

Review and re-record contentAuthors have the ability to review and re-record content before it is uploaded to the content management server for processing.

Paste-in text and images from any source Snippets of text and images can be pasted-in from Word documents, PDF documents, web sites, and any other source.

Insert interactivity Engage the end-user by including Multiple Choice, Yes/No, Pause, “Add to Shopping Cart” and other interactions into the content objects.

Administrator-defined “to do” list – Content Authors know exactly what content objects they are expected to create, and can see the status of each content object (Not Yet Completed, Completed, Passed Quality Control, Failed Quality Control, etc.)

Quizzing, testing, and problem-specific content – Quizzes and tests can be created, with each quiz or test problem tied to a specific content object for targeted feedback.

Instant feedback from editorial team – Notes, suggestions, and directives from the Editorial team relating to each content object are instantly communicated to the Content Author.

Automatic saving and uploading of content – Content Authors do not need to worry about saving files, file names, and file versions. The saving, organizing, and storage of content objects are automated and integrated into the workflow.

Automatic update of content authoring software – When an updated version of the Academy123 Content Authoring Software is deployed, it is automatically updated for each Content Author with minimal user intervention.

Web-based quality control system – The editorial team has instant access to all of the content that is created, and has the ability to mark each content object as “passed” or “failed.” Notes, suggestions, and directives can be instantly communicated to the Content Author.



Robust Content Management and Administration
Define and manage multiple content projects – Administrators have the ability to define and manage multiple content projects from the web-based administration system.

Structure content according to your needs – Content can be indexed according to the structure that best suits your needs for efficient management – whether it is a “flat” taxonomy or a complex hierarchy.

Automatic conversion for 56k and broadband quality – Content that is uploaded by Content Authors is automatically converted for optimal delivery in both 56k (dialup) and broadband formats, thereby maximizing the end-user experience.

Automatic securing of content – Content is automatically protected and secured, ensuring that it can only be examined by those end-users who have been given permission to view it.

Manage work assignments – Administrators have the ability to assign work to Content Authors and Editorial team members.  Assignments can range from an entire content project to a single content object.

Advanced user management – Administrators can add and remove users form the system, control permissions for each user, and also specify IP filters to allow and restrict access as necessary.

Associate digital assets for streamlined authoring – Images, such as textbook pages, catalog pages and pdf pages can be associated with any level of the content project structure.  These resources become available to Content Authors during the Authoring process, both as a helpful reference and as a resource from which they can copy and paste.

Define “hotspots” for in-context content delivery – Links to relevant content objects can be inserted directly into digital assets such as user guides, textbooks, and pdf’s.

Define metadata tags and values – Each and every content object can include customizable metadata, enabling search facilities, synchronization with external systems, and advanced content delivery.

Robust, real-time reporting – Administrators can see, at a glance, which content authors and editorial team members are currently working, what content has been created, and what content remains to be created.  Productivity reports enable administrators to manage their project budget, project timeline, and improve efficiency.

Custom reporting API – A custom reporting API is available that empowers technical administrators to craft the reports that best suit their needs.  For example, multidimensional PivotTable reports can be created in Excel.



Flexible Content Delivery
Industry standard Macromedia Flash files –
All content is delivered in the ubiquitous Macromedia Flash file format, supported by over 98% of all personal computers worldwide.

High quality 56k dialup and broadband support – Content is optimized and intelligently streamed for both 56k dialup and broadband.  All end-users receive a high-quality experience.

Content delivery API – Seamlessly integrate content into your applications by communicating with  Academy123’s behind-the-scenes platform.  Content can be invoked based on the structure of the content project and also based on the metadata that is associated with each content object.

Export content for outside use – Content may be exported for simplified integration with third-party systems and software.

Flexible delivery options – Academy123’s platform supports content to be distributed via the Web, CD-ROM, DVD, or LAN Server.

Support for Akamai and other distribution services – Built-in ability to scale the delivery of content to reach hundreds of thousands of end-users around the world.

Membership templates and promotions – Create and manage membership templates that support recurring membership fees and pay-per-view fee pricing plans.  Extensive support for promotions, including free trials, discounted pricing, and more.

Robust access control – End-users can be provided with different levels of access to content based on the day-of-the-week, their locale, their volume of activity, and more.

Automatic credit card processing – One time and recurring payments from end-users can be processed automatically.  All transaction information is logged, allowing for detailed reporting of payments.

Detailed statistics and activity reports – End-user activity is logged in detail (e.g., each and every time a content object is examined).

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