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Homework Help - NutshellMath
Our Flagship Product
Market leading homework help on key subject areas in middle school, high school, and college.
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Instruction for the Arts
Going Beyond the Basal Curriculum
Academy123’s technology can be used to create a product that exposes students to a wide variety of interesting topics that traditionally are not covered by the basal K-12 curriculum.
 Sample: Greek Architecture, Columns
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Digitized Textbook Enhancement
Taking Textbook Learning to the Next Level
Academy123’s technology can bring printed material to life.  Any textbook, workbook, worksheet or test can be digitized and enhanced with Academy123’s Listen and View™ technology.
 Sample: Algebra I, Homework Problem
 Sample: German, Homework Problem
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Enhanced Encyclopedia Topics
Bringing Static Information to Life

Academy123 technology can bring traditional reference products to life by supplementing text, image and video-based content with Academy123’s unique Listen and View™ tutorials. 
 Sample: Electromagnetic Spectrum (Grades 9-12)
 Sample: How to Pass a Law (Grades 6-8)
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Textbook Specific Homework Help
Taking Textbook Learning to the Next Level
Academy123’s technology makes homework easy by enabling you to create a Textbook-Specific Homework Help product.   Step-by-step, teacher-led instruction can be created for the actual homework problems and key concepts found in school textbooks.
 Sample: Algebra I, Page 148 #5
 Sample: Pre-Algebra, Page 244 #1-4
 Sample: Algebra 2, Lesson Overview
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K-12 Assessment and Remediation
A Path to Mastering Key Content and Process Standards
With Academy123’s technology you can create a robust K-12 Assessment and Remediation product that helps to evaluate each student’s understanding of Key Content and Process Standards, while providing them with a customized learning plan to help them master those particular standards.
 Sample: CA, 5th Grade, English, Reading 1.3
 Sample: CA, 5th Grade, English, Assessment 3, #4
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Key Subject Area Concepts
Mastering Middle School and High School Concepts
Academy123’s technology enables the creation of a robust Key Subject Area Concepts product. Through the use of intuitive and interactive multimedia tutorials and quizzes, students are given the tools they need to master the fundamental concepts of any particular academic subject.
 Sample: Biology, Mitosis
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College Test Prep
The Right Tools to Achieve Top Test Results
Academy123’s technology can be used to arm students with the tools they need to prepare for and achieve top results on the most common standardized tests.
 Sample: SAT, Sentence Completion
 Sample: SAT, Practice Test 2, Question #3
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