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Products & Services

Academy123 offers a variety of products and services to help you maximize the potential of each application. Get outstanding support and learn best practices from our team of experts.

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Subject Specific Tutorials

Market leading homework help on key subject areas in middle school, high school, and college.
See more details on our flagship product!
Watch a guided walk-thru of NuthshellMath

Hosted Solutions Platform
Start using the Academy123 technology quickly and easily on an ASP basis, with minimal impact to your technology group. Academy123 can host your content projects – from authoring, management/ administration, to delivery.

Installed Platform
License the Academy123 technology for use on your hardware. The platform’s robust feature set allows you maximum control over each project and the flexibility you need to develop the content that best meets your needs.


Content Authoring

Let our experts develop the content that
meets your organization’s specific needs.
Our Content Authoring team has the
proven ability to develop thousands of
individual content units efficiently and

Content Administration
Learn how to effectively manage a large
number of content units. Our team will
share best practices with you and show
you how to optimize the efficiency and
productivity of your content development
process using Academy123’s custom

Hosting and Serving
Optimal for small-to-medium sized
businesses, Academy123 can host and
serve content units for you.

Custom Product Design
Academy123’s development experts can
create individual applications to meet
your specific needs. This includes, but is
not limited to, custom products, screen
designs and tool sets.



See samples of how our technology is used in various applications.

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