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Academy123 offers its education and business customers a complete solution to create, manage and distribute high-impact multimedia content.


Education Content Providers
High impact, densely detailed, interactive multimedia content providing your user base multiple subjects written and presented by certified teachers.

K-12 State Testing Providers
Help your customers meet state accountability and NCLB requirements by providing them with a remediation tool that links individual student test performance with personalized content.

Standardized Test Preparation

Ensure that students are fully prepared for college exams by providing specific tips and remedial help to address their individual needs.


Supplemental Education Providers
Increase retention and revenue by providing your customers with instructional content that meets their needs.

Higher Education Institutions
Provide compelling and informative online course instruction and tutoring that makes students feel as if they are in a real classroom.


To see some of the possibilities in detail, see the applications page.


See samples of how our technology is used in various applications.

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