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Applications - Digitized Textbook Enhancement

Taking Textbook Learning to the Next Level
Academy123’s technology can bring printed material to life.  Any textbook, workbook, worksheet or test can be digitized and enhanced with Academy123’s Listen and View™ technology.


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Sample: Algebra I, Homework Problem
Sample: German, Homework Problem
Imagine the Possibilities..."Digitized Textbook
Why use Academy123 Technology?
Creating, Managing, and Delivering Multimedia...
  Flexible Distribution Options
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Imagine the Possibilities... “Digitized Textbook Enhancement”

The Academy123 technology is used to cost-effectively produce thousands of Listen and View™ explanations relating to a specific textbook: answers to textbook problems, additional background for key concepts, commonly made mistakes, and more.  Text, images, and other “snippets” of the textbook page can be used within the explanations.

Students see an online edition of the textbook, and can get help in the area that they need by clicking on a “hotspot” within the actual textbook page.  Additionally, parents can refresh their knowledge of a particular concept.

• Multiple-choice quizzes for each textbook section
test the student’s knowledge and help them prepare for in-class tests and exams.

Multimedia Listen and View™ answer explanations for each quiz question provide focused help to improve the student’s depth of understanding.

Multiple hours of high impact, densely detailed, interactive multimedia content provide numerous learning opportunities for the student.

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Why use Academy123 Technology?

High quality multimedia content - Explanations for textbook problems, key concepts, commonly made mistakes, and more can be delivered in Academy123’s unique Listen and View™ format – not just plain text.  As a result, students will find the content to be engaging, intuitive, and informative.

Multimedia answer explanations
– Listen and View™ answer explanations can be created for each quiz question - offering extremely targeted content that addresses the specific needs of the individual student.

Personalized teaching experience
Students and Parents can hear the voice and see the handwriting ink strokes of an actual teacher explain each concept and explain the answer to each quiz question.

Rapid time-to-market - An extensive Digitized Textbook Enhancement product can be created in a matter of weeks.

Extremely cost-effective – Content can be created in real time, without technical staff or costly pre-/post-production, and at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

Flexible content management - Academy123’s technology allows for nearly instantaneous additions and revisions to Listen and View™ content.

Possible in any subject, any language – A Digitized Textbook Enhancement product can be developed for almost any subject, in any spoken or written language.


Creating, Managing, and Delivering Multimedia is Easy
Academy123’s technology offers robust authoring, editorial, and project management capabilities. High quality, interactive, multimedia content can be created quickly and at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

The Academy123 technology platform is available for license. In addition, Content Authoring, Hosting and Serving, Content Administration, and Custom Product Design Services are available to help you customize a solution that meets your specific needs.

To learn more, please visit our Products & Services page.

  Flexible Distribution Options
Customers may choose to distribute a Digitized Textbook Enhancement product via the Web, CD-ROM, DVD, or LAN Server.
  Getting Started
Please contact the Academy123 Business Development Team to learn more and discuss your specific needs.


See samples of how our technology is used in various applications.

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Get an overview of our technology.
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