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Innovative New Math Homework Service NutshellMath™ Launched
~ Aligned Page-By-Page with Leading Math Textbooks ~

~ Explains Nearly 40,000 Math Problems ~

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, March 14, 2006 - Academy123T, an innovative provider of multimedia homework help and self-study guides, today announced the launch of NutshellMathT, a groundbreaking math homework instructional service. The online service provides users with nearly 40,000 interactive math explanations and multimedia demonstrations of math concepts. It is aligned, page-for-page, with leading Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry textbooks used by middle and high school math students. NutshellMath is available at, and is currently offering a two-week free trial.

Real teachers provide supplemental instruction, lesson overviews, and help for every homework problem found in 32 of the most commonly used math textbooks. With the company ’s Listen & View™ technology, students actually hear the teacher’s voice and see the teacher’s handwriting as they illustrate math concepts and solve problems. NutshellMath also offers interactive quizzes to check for mastery of subjects.

“This is a significant leap forward in the way students, parents and teachers work together to help improve math skills,” said Johannes Larcher, president and CEO of Academy123. “By providing this affordable online tool to their children, parents provide real homework help for their kids struggling with math. The lessons offered by NutshellMath’s teachers deliver customized and timely homework help into the home.”

NutshellMath is easy to use. Students first locate their textbook on the NutshellMath site, then search by page number for help with specific homework problems or to see lesson overviews. Once they’ve selected a specific problem from their textbook, they then view an interactive explanation of how to solve a very similar problem to the one found in their textbook.
In addition to content aligned to leading textbooks, NutshellMath also offers browsable and searchable lessons, explanations, problems, solutions and quizzes for all conceivable math subjects.

About Academy123
Academy123 is a leading provider of homework help and self-study guides for quantitative subjects throughout middle and high school. Combining instruction by certified teachers with its proprietary Listen and View™ technology, Academy123 delivers rich and expressive multimedia content in a wide variety of subjects. Academy123 products are used for homework help, classroom support, test preparation and educational enrichment. Watch a demonstration at on this site.

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