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About Us
Core Values

Our mission is to enable our customers to create, manage and distribute large volumes of instructional multimedia content in a highly efficient way. We do this by adhering to a set of core values that direct how we service our customers and how we interact with each other as colleagues. These values are essential to how we enable our customers and our employees to realize their full potential.

We believe that multimedia content production should not be the exclusive domain of highly trained creative services experts. We believe that everyone should have the ability to create highly compelling multimedia content quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

We know that speed is essential to helping our clients gain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-moving market. We are committed to building products that are easy to use while allowing our customers to rapidly create the high quality multimedia content they require. We will be responsive to our clients’ needs and will move quickly into new markets or categories where we can best meet their needs.

We know that creativity and ingenuity are the engines that cultivate innovation. We are dedicated to continuously designing products that will make it easier and faster for our clients to develop high quality multimedia content. We value our clients’ input and we will continue to partner with them to develop breakthrough products that best serve their needs.

We believe in integrity, honesty and treating one another with respect. We are open in our communication and we foster collaboration. We encourage all members of the organization to contribute ideas and to provide insights based on their unique backgrounds and expertise.

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